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hey! any other popular forums/threads for intra-communicating? - SUNY New Paltz Livejournal

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July 13th, 2011

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04:19 am - hey! any other popular forums/threads for intra-communicating?
 hey I'm 26 female, married - we live in the gardens after in 2007 I graduated with a double BA in Secondary Education and Spanish plus completeled all the requirements to obtain through Albany and NYS an INTERNATIONAL certification for teaching grades 7-12.  We got married after 8 years courtship and on my honeymoon I fell ill...long story short they fround a brain tumor and diagnosed me as having a disease so rare (BEHCET'S DISEASE + Pituitary Tumor + Endometriosis) that only one doctor treats it in the US - and it's gotten me declared as "terminally disabled" as of 23 years old - and loop-holed out of my $60,000.00 job as a 10th and 11th grade Spanish teacher.  I got my last period on my honey moon in October, 2008 - which lasted 43 days and now ,July 23 2011 I'm completely infertile.  BAM.  So we wanted to move back here because people with this condition can go into remission quite quickly (side A) while the other poor souls (side B) tend to experience multi-system rgan damage if remission doesn't hit in the first 6 months (3 years for me).... the last US patient to die of Behcet's was a NYC woman named KELLY <- My name - and I'm 26...was living in NYC... then I decided this place was the last place I was really happy so I could use ANY friendship - as my husband is working 50 hours a week at 25 trying to provide - which was never the plan =(
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Date:July 13th, 2011 11:50 am (UTC)
What a terrible thing to live through! I also have endometriosis, and I am a senior at New Paltz majoring in English. I plan to do the MAT program directly afterwards so that I can teach English 7-12. I commute from Middletown. I'd be glad to give you some friendly support.

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