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SUNY New Paltz Livejournal

New Paltz, NY

SUNY New Paltz
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So, uhh..
   I guess this community could be sort of like NewPaltzJunkies except with less junk. Feel free to post anything regarding SUNY New Paltz, or just New Paltz, although this is really a community more focused on SUNY New Paltz than the town and village of New Paltz.

    I'd like to write out some kind of nice, well thought out description about suny New Paltz, but hmm.. what can I say? Lots of trees, lots of ducks, plenty of people live on campus, but also off-campus, we have some strange professors and good professors.. hmm.. ..hmmm. (not sure what else to add)

   Any posts about SUNY New Paltz, or any questions about SUNY New Paltz are welcome. Anyone interested or just curious about SUNY New Paltz is welcome to join. Is something happening on-campus? Is something sponsored by the school, or related to SUNY New Paltz, happening off-campus? Want to promote your club or oraganization? Post info about here here :D

   Is the water broken in your dorm? Been attacked by the geese? Are ladybugs taking over your room? Not sure how to deal with suitemates or any other problems? Maybe someone knows a solution.

   So yeah, anything related to SUNY New Paltz is welcome. I'll try to revise this profile and probably add more mods to the community as it grows. Suggestions are welcome.
"cutty's", "pig's", 80's night, anorexic cockroaches, anti-24 hour quiet, anti-finals, anti-frats, anti-midterms, anti-no parking spaces, anti-traffic on main street, anti-vlc, art, ashoken, bard, bars, beer, bliss hall, boredum, bouton hall, brown water, bulletin boards, burnouts, caboloser, cabolussa, cafes, campus police, club xys, cold water, college radio, convenient deli, core gallery, crazy geese, crazy roomates, creations, cuntmuffins, depression, diversity, drama, drugs, drum circles, drunk in public, drunkeness, endless horizons, esopus hall, feeding the ducks, finding peace, flying saucer cafe, frat parties, friendly's r.i.p., ghetto cars, goths, guitar josh, gutter punks, gwar, hardcore, hasbrouck, haspuke, hip hop headz, hippies, illegally burning candles, incense, indie kids, jazzmans, jft, keg parties, kingston, knitting, lacrosse house, lake minnewaska, laziness, lefevre hall, lenape hall, local bands, long car rides, look a gothic birthday, marty parties, midnight munchies, mobil, mohonk mountain house, music, new paltz, new paltz addiction, new york, no hot water, np_streetcredit, oasis, oasis not the band, open-mic nights, painmask, peace park, perfect thyroid, piercings, pirates, pj's, poetry readings, political activism, poughkeepsie, poughkeepsie galleria, primetime, promoting, punks, ra's, randomness, ravers, rhianna's closet, rhino records, rosendale, rosendale cafe, salvation army, sewing, show hos, shows, skateboarders, skinner and kitty, snugs, sorjourner truth library, speeding tickets, spitting, spring break, stealing slippers, straightedge, suny new paltz, suny purchase, supportin 'da scene, take back the night, tatoos, the "c's", the chance, the edge, the gunk, the last stand, the living seed, the mountains, the oracle, the schematics, the strokes, the sub, the vagabond, tripping fields, twink, uniqueness, vassar, vegans, vending machines, wandering around aimlessly, wfnp 88.7fm the edge, women's rights, woodstock, yoga